We offer specialized transportation for goods that don’t fit in a container or other standardized cargo slots.

  • Convenient transportation for unusually big cargo
  • Ideal for transportation of construction equipment, large vehicles, generators and other        equipment of unconventional dimensions
  • Timely transportation since such cargo are of immense value and usually needs to be put to        use on an urgent basis

At URC, we get requests for transportation of huge cargo that doesn’t fit in conventional containers. Their transportation needs are fulfilled by our expert team of drivers who have been with us for decades. They have the expertise to transport oversized goods tactfully through India’s narrow and traffic-filled roads.

We have the specialized equipment required to transport break bulk cargo. What’s more, Indian laws require special permits and following of stringent laws to ensure such cargo can be transported in a legal and road-worthy manner.

We will not only transport break bulk cargo to the destination of your choice but also assist in properly stowing away the cargo. Our commitment to the safety of your cargo comes first and we will ensure that all steps are taken to ensure total customer satisfaction Do you have any goods that require this kind of transportation?

Connect with us at and we will provide you with special rates for break bulk transportation!

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